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My first post after 5 years

Wow, time flies ya. Sudah 5 tahun sejak terakhir kali saya posting di blog ini. Sungguh 5 tahun itu cepat sekali ya. Where I have been? Yeah, many things have changed in last 5 years. Social media is more happening than blogging currently. People prefer to share via socmed, IG, and youtube, I think. Anyway, how I really missed this blog, writing here, about anything. 

I don't know why suddenly I'm thinking about my blog, and then trying to signing up to this account after typing wrong password for several times :D Maklumlah ya, udah 5 taun gitu. Actually I don't know what to share now, just want to write about what I felt in last 4 months in 2018. 

Ya, before we start, let me share who I am right now, and what am I doing everyday. Well, I'm an employee in an FMCG in Indonesia. Yeah, honestly, I'm really grateful to be there, working in this company, with all the happiness and sadness. Well, nothing can make you happy 100%, right? So I said there is both happiness and…

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